Lider (Leader) Stroy is established in Perm city in 2006.


We are rising on the foundation of a successful synthesis of both Russia and Turkey approach with our 15 years of experience in
construction sector in Russia.


We are offering quick and practical solutions with the most up-to-date technology in our company, always giving priority to principles of

“trust, quality and professionalism”.







• To create trust based relationship with our investors

• To maintain the building quality standards in all projects

• To adopt an understanding that brings the human factor to forefront in our cadre

• To make positive contributions to the Russian construction sector and improve the momentum of
quality with experience and expertise

• To minimize the adverse effect of weather conditions on our investors (on price, speed and quality)

• To find a solution together by clearly sharing the financial risks in construction process with our customers

• To be lasting in the sector and to add value to all projects by improving ourselves

We are eliminating all kinds of risks such as impediments created by climatic characteristics,
difficulties in finding appropriate building plots, inadequate number of qualified construction worker,
lack of technological knowledge and hence experienced technical personnel, lack of alternative projects intended for different income groups, etc. by taking the necessary measures at the outset.


We are presenting the difficulties in finest details to our investors as early as at proposal stage by stipulating the complications that might be experienced in the project. Thus, as measures have been taken in advance, we ensure that no surprises are experienced about timing and pricing during any setback that might arise afterwards.


We are pursuing maximum benefit for the business of our investors in terms of organization, speed,
as well as economics with our expertise on the subject of “reinforced concrete”, which has an impact in dimensions that might reflect on all the processes of a construction project, and lack of which is clearly felt in the sector.


The secure environment, which our employees work in, also determines the quality of the works we do. As we are aware of this, we show great sensitivity to maintain the occupational health and safety measures at the highest level in our working environment.




The most important leadership traits of Lider (Leader) Stroy, where it also derives its name from, is to get the right result with the right people at the right time.


In our human resources program, our priority is always to create the most optimum conditions for our employees.


Accordingly, a workplace environment having the highest standards both in terms of occupational health and safety and also social life rights is provided. Also, the work to be carried out is matched with the characteristics of the person to be performing it by looking out for optimum benefit.


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Russia, 614007, Perm Kuibyshevа Str., 95B,

BC "GREEN PLAZA", 15th floor

P: (342) 254-30-85   Fax: (342) 254-30-85

e-mail: info@liderstry.com

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